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This edition promises to be one of our largest and most popular of the year. Readers keep the magazine all year long as a reference tool, because the list is a valuable resource and the magazine features in-depth profiles on dentists in their different specialties.

Top Dentist 2017 Edition Publishing Date:
May 22-27, 2017

The Survey

Who decides who is a Top Dentist?
Who picks the dentists?

You do. This survey has been mailed to hundreds of licensed dentists in the Tampa area.
To select the dentists, TAMPA Magazine obtains lists of all Bay area dentists. TAMPA Magazine then mails surveys to those dentists, with anonymous prepaid return envelopes. The surveys ask the dentists to nominate peers who, in their judgment, are the best in each of 11 specialties. We then tally the votes and select a vote threshold for each field.

The deadline to enter your anonymous survey online or via the postage paid return envelope in this package is April 21st. If you choose to mail your survey, the postmark must be no later than April 21st to be counted.

Does TAMPA magazine check out and review all of the dentists who are nominated?

Yes. Once the list is compiled, TAMPA Magazine’s fact-checkers verify the dentists names, addresses, and phone numbers. Dentists must have active licenses to qualify. Each name is checked against the Department of Health to determine if the dentist is currently under probation or has had his or her license revoked. Those who have will be removed.

Why not ask clients to rate the best dentists?

TAMPA Magazine believes that medical professionals are best qualified to judge other medical professionals in their areas of expertise.

If I win, but choose not to advertise in TAMPA magazine, will I be left off the list?

No. We never jeopardize the quality of the Top Dentist list by requiring a dentist to be a paid advertiser or will become a paid advertiser. Additionally, dentists can’t buy their way on to the Top Dentist list. Only those who are nominated by their peers are eligible to be on the list. Credible publications draw a strict line between their editorial and advertising-related content. TAMPA Magazine’s editorial content is not influenced by those who advertise with us. In those cases when a dentist on the list also has an ad in the magazine, it is coincidental. The dentist on the list, as well as our advertising sales team, have no advance knowledge of who will make the list. Like you, they have to wait until the magazine is published to find out. The only exceptions are the dentists who have been profiled for this feature.

Dentist Profiles


Double Page Spread:
18” X 10.875”

Half Page:
3.9” X 9.875”

Full Page:
9” X 10.875”

1/3 Page:
2.56” X 9.875”


Savings of Up to $860 in the Dentist Profile Section. We only produce the Top Dentist Edition one time per year. We have special discounted pricing for dentists in this edition only. Call our office for details, and we will provide you with a complete media kit that outlines rates and circulation info.

Each Size Includes

Each profile includes a large photo, interview, written feature, logo and contact info (one address, phone number and web address).Our professional staff of photographers, writers and designers will create your feature and submit to you for final approval.


Larger profiles will be toward the front of the Dentist Profile Section and smaller profiles will be near the back of the section. Dentists will be listed in alphabetical order for each size category.

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Top Dentists Edition

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To find out more information on how you can have your attorney profile included in our 2017 Top Dentists edition, please contact us between Mar. 15 and Apr. 21, 2017.