Vertical Oasis

May 26, 2016 | Tampa Magazine | Home

You can turn any blank structure into a lush work of art by installing a living green wall. These vertical gardens are growing in popularity and springing up in restaurants, offices and homes. In addition to being a beautiful, serene addition, a living green wall can cool inside temperatures and improve air quality by reducing harmful pollutants up to 60 percent. Vegetation also naturally blocks sounds, helping to diminish noise. Automated drip-irrigation systems effectively use the least amount of water necessary to keep green walls healthy and growing. Plants used on interior walls are completely different from those used in exterior walls. Interior plants are often tropical plants, making them ideal for Tampa residents.

The wall pictured was designed by Bart Beck and Joe Argentine of Argentine Landscaping Company.

Plant Types
Mondo Grass, Foxtail Fern, Liriope, Ajuga, and Bromeliads

The above outdoor living green wall, located at a home in South Tampa, was custom-designed to include spouting fountains.

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